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Early Age Concrete Cracking

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The development of early age cracking and the primary contributing factors will be discussed, including: -plastic shrinkage -autogenous shrinkage -subsidence -thermal effects The typical cracking patterns associated with these early age crack will also be presented. A case study will be presented where early age transverse cracking developed in numerous western Montana bridge decks. Within the first few years of service, the cracking progressed to cause full depth holes (penetrations) in two of the decks. A brief overview of project will be presented: including field investigation, laboratory studies, and finite element modeling analyses. Learning Objectives -Develop an understanding of the types of early age concrete cracking and associated cracking patterns -Learn about the causes of early age cracking patterns -Discover how early age cracking can be diagnosed and prevented by reviewing a case study Watch the Presentation The webinar is free for members and $45 for non-members to watch. Instructions Continue through the checkout process. You will receive an email confirmation with a personalized link to the webinar page. Follow the links received to view the recording and to take the quiz for CE credit.

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